What should I do? ..I Will..

Updated: Mar 22, 2021

I Will

I’d like to take a short trip down memory lane, 9-25-2020. Mentioning the date is noteworthy. That was launch day for Hudnut Ink. A day I had planned, prayed and prepared for several years. Balloons and celebratory dinner? Not at all. It was an unplanned trip to the ER and another 5 days in the hospital in pain with nothing to eat (the hardest part!)

As a patient with limited options, it was a good opportunity for reflection and reading. I asked David to bring me a notebook, my Bible and the book (Dark Clouds Deep Mercy. Amazing, ofcourse God knew I would be in the hospital the following week and have an opportunity to give this book to someone else who was struggling and needed it more than me!) I started reading the week before.

That summer, I noticed a theme throughout the Book of Psalms and time in the hospital afforded me extra hours to write down my observations. With tubes coming and going, it was a good time to write and rest. Throughout my stay, I had so many exciting interactions with a variety of nurses, my doctor and roommate that I told David that I was planning.. eventually to come home!

Orthodox tradition calls short prayers like these breath prayers’ because they can be spoken in a single breath. Often since memorizing dozens of these, I have quickly gone from sheer panic and overwhelmed to peace from speaking one or more of the “I Will’ breath prayers.

I know the need for “go to” verses or encouragement to help me catch my breath and take the next step.

Click here if you would like the PDF of my original hand-written version of the full verses from Psalms.

Our newest Canvas Card to launch the “Quotes and Scripture” Category is # I Will, available in a variety of color ways with a bold or italic font. All of the direction is from the Book of Psalms.