Themes: Why I Ditched Resolutions

Updated: Feb 17, 2021

According to U.S. News & World Report 80% of people fail to follow through on New Year’s resolutions and most give up by mid February! Michael Hyatt said it well; “Resolutions just don’t work”. With the whole year ahead of us, would you like to consider a different approach to achieving some goals this year?

Probably 25 years ago, I ditched making resolutions and setting myself up for another failure and switched to annual an ‘Theme’. I recognized there were areas of my life that needed improvement and I could apply a Theme throughout the year and see progress. Indeed, Beautiful Things Take Time...sometimes a month or two.....others the whole year!

“When you create a theme for the year (or month or quarter) you will automatically be pushed toward your goals.”- Anthony Stich

That first year’s theme was ‘Organization’. With 3 children under 5 and another on the way, there was a lot of chaos that needed to be whipped into shape. Just switching out clothes each season was a big endeavor, not to mention schoolwork starting, birthdays, meal planning and more.. the list seemed endless. Identifying and writing down areas to improve made it possible to easily apply that year’s Theme. Over time, I began to write more specific goals in each area, but even now, when those goals aren’t reached, I've seen the needle move in the right direction. From “Write it Down, Make it Happen” author Henriette Anne Klauser explains how simply writing down your goals in life is the first step toward achieving them and that writing can even help you understand what you want!

It’s the ‘Theme’ that I keep in mind for overall motivation...

Throughout that first year, I set aside all of my tips to purchase organizational products for our home. At years end, our family benefitted from the new orderliness as did other areas of my life. When life is getting away from me, I’ve had to hit the repeat button on the Organization Theme.... a few times.

Indeed, Beautiful Things Take Time!

This year’s theme is "Available"!

I want to be ‘available’ in a variety of areas in my life and the lives of others who need encouragement. I want to remember them and be available to do something .

Download the PDF for Theme ideas and suggested areas I’ve had success implementing in the past.

Over the years I have had a variety of Themes that have helped me personally and professionally to accomplish goals.

Selecting a ‘Theme’ could be a way of accomplishing your goals 2021!