I lied in church…(in church!)

In church (in church) I straight up lied to a good friend.

A friend that shares difficulties and prayer requests. We often check in with each other about successes, failures, praises and requests. She isn’t a casual acquaintance. When she asked how I was doing, I quickly answered; ‘great!’ Mind you, I was in church hearing and learning God’s word and fellowshipping together with our Church family… all great things. But these were assumed when she asked; ‘how are you?’ Her question was sincere, expecting an honest answer.

Later that day, I sent her a text telling her the truth about a couple of concerns that she could pray for.

Have you been there too? Not wanting to burden someone?

The close friends and family that ask and want to know how you are…don’t lie! Allow them to pray for your concerns.

And you can be the friend who asks; ‘How are you?’ Because, what can we know of the dark clouds that some face? Alistair Begg

Honestly, when someone asks us how we are, do you ever think to yourself; ‘How much time do you have to hear the things that are concerning to me?’

Or, if you are the one who is asking, are you hoping their answer is ‘great?’

It takes time to ask and answer honestly…time well spent!

“What can we know of the dark clouds that some face?”

Alistair Begg

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