Going Bananas…Nerissa’s adventures in Oklahoma!

Updated: Jun 28, 2021

Hello there! Bringing you more updates on The Who, What, Where, When and How of the Hudnut Ink Artists.

Read for yourself of the inspiration behind all of Nerissa’s endeavors!

In addition to her adventurous summer,she is currently working on two pieces for Hudnut Ink that we can hardly wait to unveil by summer’s end.

"Hey to everybody reading along! Nerissa here, one of Hudnut Ink’s youngest artists, if not the youngest. I'm just popping in here to give a little update on my exciting summer! I am from Northern Virginia, and attend Virginia Tech. For the record, I have never been to Oklahoma, might not have been able to tell you exactly where it was on the map 🤓, and moving there wasn’t exactly one of my lifelong dreams.You're probably wondering what am I doing here and that's a great question! Based on the graphic design intern job description, I am doing a lot of the expected and unexpected.

Oklahoma is home to the roots of one of the biggest churches in America. Now I say roots because Life.Church does not assume the title "Mega-church". We claim to be micro-churches, with about 40 locations across the country, that are motivated by a mega-church vision. As a "Central Life.Church Graphic Design Intern", my full official title, I create social graphics, apparel designs, stickers, podcast assets, logos, posters, presenter slides, and so much more! Outside of my official job description, I had the pleasure of helping with Switch, their youth group and photoshoots to get students excited about attending and representing Switch to all their friends. I have also quickly gotten involved with the Life Kids ministry where I hang out with first through third graders every Sunday at 10! Everything I get to do is amazing, but that isn't the best part. Here at Life.Church, everyone on the team understands that we all have the same purpose and mission. And because of that understanding, all are so passionate about helping each other win whether it's through joyfully celebrating work milestones, giving constructive feedback, or just going out and playing pickle ball to bond our team. The people are what make this place so incredibly special. God is so present here, and it is seen not only through the deliverables, but the minutia of the day to day. If you haven't heard of Life.Church you should definitely check out who we are and how God has blessed our church over the years as he continues to work and touch the lives of people all over the world. Because this place is so focused on the "Capital C" church, we don't look for recognition. We provide all of our resources and assets 100% for FREE on an Open Network to be used and taken advantage of by churches and ministries across the world. The last thing I'll say that is so cool about working here is their involvement with the YouVersion Bible App. It all started right here in Edmond, Oklahoma where it reaches approximately 500 million people worldwide! God blessed for that amazing statistic. Besides all the spiritual growth I have seen take place over the last 6 weeks or so, I’ve learned a significant amount professionally and creatively as well. I am involved in a variety of cool projects that are challenging me as a young professional and designer. As an artist for Hudnut Ink, I have been able to make the connection between the purpose and necessity for meaningful beauty in this world. God delights in beauty and has blessed other creative minds and me with the desire to create and make for a bigger purpose. This summer specifically, He has allowed me to understand how I can use my specific God-given talent of art and design to make a kingdom impact. That has truly been the highlight of my experience here.

God blessed me with the ability to make beautiful things to, in turn, bless and encourage others with the delight of His beauty. Amen to that!”

Nerissa Baroni