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Updated: Jun 9, 2021

The Who, What, Where, When, Why and How of Hudnut Ink!


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My name is Sarah Bruccoleri and I am the founder of Hudnut Ink. The name Hudnut is actually my middle name, after my Great Grandmother Sadie Hudnut Porch. Growing up,you can better believe I wanted something simple like Jane or Susan! When we registered our business as Hudnut inc., unbelievably the name was already taken, but one of my sisters suggested Ink which was the perfect solution.


We make Inspirational and Seasonal Wall Art on high quality canvas. News flash though...we have an exciting addition coming soon! Our designs are meant to inspire and encourage yourself or others. These make for beautiful gifts that can be hung year round or easily changed for the different holidays, seasons and daily encouragement!


275 Crosswicks Rd. Bordentown, NJ 08505

Our studio is located inside the former dairy barn on our property. The barn was a dilapidated mess when we moved here 17 years ago. Since then, we have renovated half of the space into an apartment, a portion for our Pet Grooming Business; Crosswicks Clippers

. and the remaining space is the Hudnut Ink studio.

I have owned and operated Crosswicks Clippers for 16 years and for a variety of reasons have downscaled over the past year and am now open part time.


Hudnut Ink officially launched in September 2020!


I dreamed about making inspirational wall art for at least 10 years. Having been inspired by from pictures, posters and blackboards all throughout our home for most of the 25 years we were raising our five children. I knew that you could also be encouraged and inspired by beautiful words and images that were easy to hang and interchangeable based on the seasons, holidays and challenges we all face each day.


All of our Artwork is original to Hudnut Ink. We have a variety of Artists who have created the unique designs. Most have a story that served as the inspiration for the different creations. Their incredible talent and passion behind each piece is inspiring! When you browse through our site, you can see the different personalities and styles in the images they have created. Artists represented are, Nerissa Baroni, Martha Faller, Morgan Paixao, Stephanie Williams, Judith Paixao, Lexi Hutchins and Sarah Bruccoleri.

Just in case you need to reach us...because you might have questions!

Everyone likes speedy help when questions arise, so we strive to be available quickly if you have questions!

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Oh no! but it happens!

This was so nice...and the ‘little time’ was actually in the works for a few years!

This is why I use too many! ⬇️

A few favorites pictured above. I’m searching for a good picture with my five siblings and one of our Church to add to this gallery.

From left to right...

  • A favorite picture of David and me at Evan’s wedding seven years ago.

  • Our five children from left to right, not according to age, Nathan, Isaac, Hannah, Evan and Marcus.

  • Our family in 2018 from left to right; Marcus, Nathan and Kayla with Jackson, Isaac, Justice and Hannah, David and me, Evan and Kate with Eleanor and Davey. Since then, Evan and Kate added Grant, Nathan and Kayla added Emelia and Justice and Hannah have 2 foster children, CJ and Nazy and are expecting a baby in January 2022!

  • My parents, I am so thankful for them.

  • Reading...a favorite pastime

Custom Canvas or Matte Paper

We recently added this popular service for you to have YOUR favorite Hymns or Bible Verses printed on high quality Canvas or Matte paper!