Meet Our Artists

It is our pleasure to introduce you to the very talented artists behind our canvas cards. 

Hudnut Ink - Artist Nerissa Baroni

Nerissa Baroni

Nerissa is currently an undergrad student at Virginia Tech studying Graphic Design.  She grew up in northern Virginia but loves to share that she was born in Honolulu!

Nerissa found her love for design in high school when she tried taking a Computer Science class and landed in AP Art.  She was so inspired by her art teacher that she felt called by the Lord to pursue graphic design.

Her favorite thing about her studies is exploring and experimenting with different styles as she learns new methods. You'll see this passion in her designs!

On a typical day, if Nerissa's not creating art, working on a  DIY project or making bread, you can find her out playing sand volleyball or hanging out with her friends!

HI-Artist Lexi photo-7-18-2020.jpeg

Lexi Hutchins

Mighty maker of mud pies and tree forts, Lexi came roaring into this world elbow deep in the process of creating.  Slightly more refined now, she still carries with her that passion to thoughtfully examine and vividly express the world around her through art.   Some days they're a calligraphist's hands or a sculptor's, most days they are a painter's.  Every day they are an artist's.

In her explorations, Lexi finds inspiration everywhere - from the dappled texture of the choppy bay to a late-afternoon walk where she may be hours later, on the floor surrounded by scavenged greenery, patiently sketching the gentle scallop of a fern.  At peace with the process, she finds beauty in the action of creation, not just the end result.  

All the while the next painting is about to push its way onto the canvas. Wherever she is, she'll be enjoying the process ... wherever she is, she'll be creating. 

Enjoy the cards Lexi has created on canvas for Hudnut Ink ... they each speak beautifully to her exuberant celebration of life and encouragement for all!