How Hudnut Ink Came To Be

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         The card market is full of exquisite works of art.  But no matter how beautiful, cards have a shelf life!  After displaying on a windowsill, pinning to a bulletin board, hanging on our refrigerator or safely putting in a drawer, inevitably we discard or stack our cards away.  (I’ve saved hundreds of cards throughout my life!)


Thus the inspiration for Hudnut Ink cards to give as a gift: our canvas cards are SO much more than a normal card! I would like others to be able to give a keepsake that literally has a way of hanging around … possibly for generations.


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We offer a way to send beautiful sentiments of celebration and/or encouragement for all life’s events to remind people that someone has cared for them.  Your recipient can display these small fabric gifts by hanging up for the duration or easily taking them down and replacing with others throughout the year.

Our artists are each creating little pieces of original and inspirational art that aren't seen anywhere else ... each is a unique expression presented in a most original way unique to Hudnut Ink.

I'm devoted to encouraging those I care for (some whom I've just met!) ... Hudnut Ink Canvas Cards are a daily visual reminder of encouragement, inspiration, motivation and that someone cares greatly about them!

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Meet Our Advisory Board ... they are YOU!

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        These are the women who work full time and yet also find the time to critique every piece of art submitted by our artists. Mothers, grand-mothers, daughters, wives, friends, Christian sisters, buyers of cards.  Fun-loving students.  Artists. A doctor, a nurse, an educator, a marketing pro.  They span the gamut age-wise with a wealth of experience, depth of faith and breadth of great taste.

Before our Canvas Cards go up on your wall the initial concepts have rested on the desks and walls of our Board, receiving comments, tweaks and final design solutions by our artists.

Meet the ladies who guide Hudnut Ink!

Josie Burns


Josie knows numbers like nobody's business; starting as an Investment Services banker, serving as Asst. VP and handling Customer Relations for two banks.  She's worked as an assistant Treasurer for her church Ladies' Ministry, for the church's Compassions Ministry, for the PTA, for a surgeon and for a grooming business.  She runs one heckuva fabulous retreat, full of energy and creativity.

The bottom line?  People simply love Josie.


Rod'Esther Castor


Rod'Esther is literally a mover and shaker!  Working as a supply chain professional in the beverage industry, Rod'Esther specializes in start-up companies ... we're deeply blessed to have her insight, high style and joie de vivre on board. In her spare time, she runs around with her dog Maya while planning her next food and travel adventures.  You can be sure that Rod'Esther's worldly perspective and life's journeys are behind many of our most spirited pieces!!!

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Karen Merrill


Passionately curious, Karen is a trained artist who considers herself a picky perfectionist when it comes to critiquing her art and that of others. Her professional background in marketing and graphic design has led her to handle all of the promotional needs for a PK-12 Christian school in central Virginia over a twenty year span, while also serving as a vital member of the admissions team. Karen's unwavering faith informs all that she does, she is dedicated to making sure all is done fair and square. Her favorite pastime is gardening, continually cultivating her mountain beds with as much devotion and ardor as her friendships and family.

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Marie Castor


Have you ever been prayed over by a real-life angel?  One with a twinkle in her eye, the most compassionate touch and a caribbean lilt?  We have ... and so have our Hudnut Ink cards!  We're convinced that Marie's passion to serve God and to help others brings a depth to each of the pieces we offer. 

The loss of Marie's parents at a young age instilled in her a sense of community and the desire to give back.  Her ministry spans from serving on clinical projects throughout Haiti to working on the front lines as a nurse in Philadelphia.  Marie exudes the joy that comes from her deep faith, love of family and immersion in new experiences and cultures.


Dr. Suja Mathai


The embodiment of "bloom where you are planted", Suja shares her unique upbringing in every way with friends and family.

Growing up in India and living in America has given her a zest for enjoying her surroundings as well as bringing her travelled background and eclectic taste to guiding our art line.

Suja's own ministry lies within serving as an infectious disease physician, a true calling to care for people during troubled times. 


Maddy Murkli


Madison Murkli comes from a wonderful lineage of artists! Twenty years old, Maddy is pursuing a degree in Business Administration from Liberty University online.

As part of the Advisory Board, she will be weighing in with each of the Artists, giving especially creative (and hip!) feedback as well as ideas for up and coming generations.